Alemite & Alemite Equivalent Grease Fittings Available

alemite logoSAE Products is excited to celebrate our 40th year selling Alemite and Alemite equivalent grease fittings to the world’s leading aerospace manufacturers, industrial OEMs, and lubrication/maintenance specialists.  Throughout recent years we have seen fluctuations and decreases in Alemite grease fitting supply chains, but our long-established manufacturing  partnerships have positioned SAE Products as a reliable supplier of grease fittings that are manufactured according to the exact Alemite product specification using the same CNC machines and quality control standards previously used by Alemite.

Alemite grease fittings have been a mainstay in the lubrication industry since they were first invented by Oscar Zerk and patented by the Alemite company in 1929.  Grease fittings have always been designed with standard and metric thread sizes which makes manufacturing relatively easy to duplicate and has inevitably evolved into the variety of current grease fitting OEMs.  While the Alemite brand remains synonymous with quality, ISO guidelines and modern enhancements in manufacturing allow for the same quality to be replicated across multiple manufacturers.

sae products grease fitting cross referenceFor the sake of convenience, we provide a very helpful Grease Fitting Cross Reference List that provides SAE part numbers alongside their Alemite and Lincoln Industrial equivalent part numbers.  This handy resource provides a quick reference for price comparisons when the brand of grease fitting is not specified, or Alemite-equivalent grease fittings are specified.  We also keep Alemite and Lincoln grease fittings in stock for when they are called for in machine and/or maintenance specifications.

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