The Benefits of Quick Connect Grease Couplers

Quick connect grease gun couplers are ideal for applications where there is a need to regularly access multiple sizes and types of grease fittings for lubrication maintenance requirements. Any given machine can potentially have a variety of grease fitting types and sizes that require regular lubrication, so the ability to quickly interchange between couplers to match the fitting size, type, access angle, and location significantly contributes to improvements in overall maintenance efficiencies.

Quick connect grease couplers do not use threads for screw assembly to the grease gun, instead, they simply snap onto any standard coupler to make a leak-proof connection in three easy steps as shown in figure 1.

  • Step 1 is to retract the sleeve of the quick connect coupler to reveal the fitting
  • Step 2 is to press the coupler on your grease gun into the fitting located on the quick connect coupler
  • Step 3 is to release the sleeve of the quick connect to secure the connection between the grease gun and quick connect coupler

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What Type of Grease Coupler Do I Need?

Your selection of grease fitting couplers is dependent upon the style of grease fitting it will connect to. As discussed in a previous blog post, there are almost as many styles of grease fitting couplers as there are grease fittings. Not to worry….by following the steps below, you will get it right every time!

Selecting the correct coupling is critical to ensuring a properly lubricated system.

  1. First, identify the style of the grease fitting you need to connect to.
    1. If it’s a standard fitting then a standard hydraulic coupler will do
    2. If a button head grease fitting, then you must choose a button head coupler
    3. Etc.
  2. Next, confirm that the size of the coupler matches with the size of the grease fitting.
  3. Last, identify how to access the grease fitting as this can influence the selection of a nozzle vs. a coupler.

What is a Grease Gun Coupler?

Grease gun couplers are the linking connection that secures a hydraulic grease gun hose or rigid extension to a grease fitting’s head allowing the gun to effectively dispense grease or lubricant through the grease fitting. They are a critical component to lubrication systems and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate the array of grease fitting styles they connect with. Most couplers are made from 12L14 steel with heat treated hardened steel jaws and zinc chromate plated bodies with aluminum couplers available as well.

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