High Pressure Grease Guns – for Industrial Use Only

Our high pressure lever action grease guns are 100% made in the USA and are the most durable and dependable guns available, outperforming and outlasting conventional commodity grease guns.  These grease guns deliver up to 15,000 PSI and are suitable to dispense grease, sealants, fluids, packings, and highly viscous lubricants.  Engineered for high temperature and harsh environment applications such as offshore oil and gas rigs where steam, hot oil, and hot compressed gas are commonplace.  The ability to deliver grease at pressures up to 15,000 PSI provides more effective lubrication for high contact equipment such as pumps, valves (including pipeline 6A-6d), and rotating machinery.  Other common applications include pipelines, pumping & compressor stations, refineries & chemical plants, steel mills, lumber & paper mills, asphalt, rubber, water & sewage treatment plants, heavy equipment, manufacturing, mining, marine, industrial, and municipal utilities.

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Clear Barrel Pistol Grip Grease Guns Made in the USA

SAE Products’ grease guns are manufactured in the USA to provide unrivaled performance and are guaranteed to maximize your productivity.

Visit this page for great pricing on a wide variety of Clear Barrel Pistol Grip Grease Guns

Our Pistol Grip Clear Barrel Grease Guns are a favorite because of their many features of convenience:

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What is the Best Grease Gun?

With over 15 different styles to choose from, we are regularly asked, “Which grease gun is the best?”. The answer truly depends on your lubrication applications, pressure requirements, and durability needs, which justifies the diverse variation in grease gun types. The real question to ask is, “Which grease gun is best for me?”. Grease guns are a critical tool for anyone needing to lubricate 1 grease fitting or 1,000+ grease fittings, it’s simply the right tool for the job. The key is to select the right gun so you get the job done right. Get the wrong grease gun and you could find yourself over-spending and/or under-performing.

We decided to put together the information below as a resource to help you make the right decision when selecting the best grease gun to meet your lubrication needs.

  • Lever Action Grease Guns are considered the ‘traditional grease gun’ for all intents and purposes. They have a 6,000 psi maximum pressure rating and require two hands to operate. These grease guns are best for most general lubrication requirements.