Grease Fitting Kits – A Must Have for the Lubrication Toolbox

Most maintenance professionals responsible for equipment lubrication at any given facility will tell you they’ve encountered situations where grease fittings needed to be replaced, but they didn’t have the right size or type on-hand for the fix……which explains why you will most likely find a grease fitting assortment kit in their toolbox……. usually several of them.  Grease fitting kits are designed for convenience and in many situations such as the one described above and are a huge time-saver.  And at a discounted/volume pricing, they are a money-saver as well.

Standard Grease Fitting Kit

It’s true, we can configure grease fitting assortment kits in an infinite number of ways (and we do customize kits upon request), but we’ve applied our 35+ years of experience in configuring the following assortments as they most often meet the needs of the lubrication specialist (or the OEM or even the home hobbyist).  The fittings are packaged in a heavy-duty translucent polypropylene box which features five adjustable columns, a locking lid, and a glossy identification chart in the cover.

Standard Grease Fitting Kits contain a 100-piece assortment of the most popular grease fittings including ¼”-28 straight taper thread grease fittings (30), ¼”-28 45° angle taper thread grease fittings (10), ¼”-28 90° taper thread grease fittings (10), 1/8” PTF straight grease fittings (30), 1/8” PTF 45° grease fittings (1), and 1/8” PTF 90° grease fittings (10). Stainless Steel Grease Fitting Kits feature a 50-piece assortment of the same size/type, but all fittings are stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Grease Fitting Kit

Metric Grease Fitting Kits are obviously a must-have for anyone working on equipment with metric threads.  This popular assortment features a 100-piece assortment of popular metric fittings that conform to German Standard DIN 71412 and are packaged in a heavy-duty translucent box with adjustable columns, a locking lid, and a glossy identification chart.  Included in this kit are 6MM x 1MM straight grease fittings (30), 6MM X1MM 45° grease fittings (10), 6MM X1MM 90° grease fittings (10), 8MM X1MM straight grease fittings (20), 8MM X1MM 45° grease fittings (5), 8MM X1MM 90° grease fittings (5), 10MM X1MM straight grease fittings (10), 10MM X1MM 45° grease fittings (5), 10MM X1MM 90° grease fittings (5).  Stainless Steel Metric Grease Fitting Kits (shown below) contain 100 pieces.

If you find yourself servicing British Thread grease fittings most often, you’ll want to include our BSP Grease Fitting Kit which includes a 100 piece assortment of 9 BSP grease fitting types.  Also available in a 50 piece BSP Stainless Steel Grease Fitting Kit.

For those professionals (or hobbyists) looking to satisfy most of their grease fitting needs in one purchase, the Deluxe Grease Fitting Kit is the perfect choice.  SAE Products® deluxe kit contains a 145-piece assortment of popular straight and angle fittings and 3 grease fitting tools!  Included in the assortment are ¼”-28 Taper thread grease fittings (straight thread, and special taper fittings).  1/8” PTF grease fittings (straight, 45°, 90°, and special taper), NPTF female zerk fittings, and drive-type fittings.  Also included for added convenience (and value) are three fitting tools, a drive-type installation tool and 2 grease fitting removal tools.

Deluxe Grease Fitting Kit

Also available from SAE Products are Drive-Type Grease Fitting Kits (100 pieces), Thread Forming Grease Fitting Kits (100 pieces), Button Head Grease Fitting Kits (40 pieces), ¼”-18 PTF Grease Fitting Kits (50 pieces), Grease Fitting Caps Kit (300 pieces of red, blue, black, green, yellow, and white caps).  And if those options are not enough, we will gladly customize grease fitting kits to your specification from our huge inventory of stock sizes and types of grease fittings and accessories.


Contact Us with your grease fitting assortment needs and we’ll get the right kit for you.