Grease Fitting or Zerk or Alemite Fitting or Grease Nipple?

Oscar Zerk

There is no difference between a “Grease Fitting” and a “Zerk” or “Zerk Fitting”, they are commonly used in place of one another.  Additionally, the words “Grease Nipple”, “Grease Zerk”, and “Alemite Fitting” are also commonly used in place of the most universally accepted term of Grease Fitting.

Why so many names for a Grease Fitting?  Without too many details, in 1929, Oscar Zerk developed a refined grease fitting design and assigned the patent to the Alemite company, a sort of ‘sister company’ to his Allyne-Zerk Company.  The fundamental design is still followed today.

So, the relatively large number of commonly used names for the grease fitting is a combination of the fact that the two primary inventors of the grease fitting both used their surnames in their company names and brand names, which have withstood the test of time.

Other than a wider variety of shapes, sizes, and materials of construction, the fundamental grease fitting design hasn’t changed much in nearly 100 years…perhaps that’s why the names have stuck as well.


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