What is a Grease Gun Coupler?

Grease gun couplers are the linking connection that secures a hydraulic grease gun hose or rigid extension to a grease fitting’s head allowing the gun to effectively dispense grease or lubricant through the grease fitting.  They are a critical component to lubrication systems and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate the array of grease fitting styles they connect with. Most couplers are made from 12L14 steel with heat treated hardened steel jaws and zinc chromate plated bodies with aluminum couplers available as well.

An understanding of the features of grease gun couplers helps to demonstrate their role in lubricating systems.

  1. Every grease gun coupler has either a SAE Standard or Metric female threaded connection to the grease gun hose or rigid extension. These are a standard size to fit all grease guns and allow for interchangeability between couplings.
  2. The opposite end of the coupling is the connection to the head of the grease nipple which is designed to securely hold the coupler in place. There are a wide variety of grease fitting connection styles and sizes to accommodate the many different types of grease fittings.
  3. Inside the grease fitting connection are 3 or 4 Jaws which create a secure seal around the fitting when the coupler is attached. Once attached, grease can be pumped into the fitting as specified for the application.

The most common type of grease gun coupler is the Hydraulic Coupler (shown above and to the right) and is typically included with the grease gun when purchased.  As with most products in the lubrication industry, you’ll find multiple names used for these standard Grease Gun Couplers, including: Hydraulic Couplers, Grease Couplers, Zerk Fitting Couplers, Grease Zerk Couplers, or even Grease Nipple Couplers.

SAE Products® manufactures grease gun couplers that are compatible with every brand of grease gun on the market whether manual, electric, or pneumatic.   We provide a wide selection of grease coupler styles to fit all types and styles of grease fittings including metric or SAE specification.

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